Pumpkin 2018 Champ uddera.jpg

2018 NDGA Champion Udder

Little Prairie Pumpkin

Our daughter started raising Nigerian Dwarf goats in 2014 and LaManchas in 2017 for her 4-H project. We enjoyed her first goats so much that we collected more. They have great tasting milk and wonderful personalities. We raise backyard milkers, show goats and pets. 

All of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, ADGA, and some are double registered with the Nigerian Dairy Goat Association, NDGA.

Our whole herd has tested negative for CAE/CL/Johnes since 2014

We now make soap from milk produced by our Nigerian herd as well as lip balm with wax from our apiary. We will soon have these products available for sale. 

Contact us at littleprairiegoats@gmail.com